Lithium Injectable 0.5mg/mL 50mL Multi-dose vial

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Lithium Injectable 0.5mg/mL 50mL

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How does lithium work?

Lithium is a mood stabiliser, but the exact way that it works is not known. Lithium may work by changing the release of chemicals like dopamine or serotonin in your brain.

Taking lithium helps you to have more control over your emotions. It helps you cope better with bipolar mood swings.

It may take several weeks to months for lithium to start working.

What are the benefits of lithium?

Lithium helps reduce feelings of mania — excited, high mood, distracted. It also helps to treat bipolar episodes.

Your doctor may prescribe lithium for long periods of time (months or years). It’s important to continue treatment, even when you feel well. Lithium is not a cure, but it is able to help control symptoms and prevent relapse while you are taking it.

Lithium also increases brain concentrations of the neuronal markers n-acetyl-aspartate and myoinositol. Lithium also remarkably protects neurons against glutamate, seizures, and apoptosis due to a wide variety of neurotoxins.


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